šest topola

In autumn 2012, I participated in an annual contemporary art exhibition 53rd October Salon GOOD LIFE - Physical Narratives and Spatial Imagination, curated by Mika Hannula and Branislav Dimitrijevic. www.oktobarskisalon.org

While researching for the exhibition, I came across three curious photographs in a Belgrade fleamarket. They stood out from other photos in the market as they had an unusually easy and leisured atmosphere. The three photographs were of two men walking on the beach, posing to the camera, trying to look attractive and sporty. On the other side of the photographs is written a year, 1936, and two words ‘šest topola‘.After showing the photographs to some local people, I found out that ‘šest topola‘ means ‘six poplars‘ and is the name of an old restaurant situated on the banks of Sava river, close to the six poplar trees. I went to look for the restaurant and found that the environment seen on the photographs has changed entirely – the smiling, tanned, carefree people are gone from the sunny boulevard, and only one poplar tree is still there. The poplars may now be cut down, and the two men dead for some time, but that moment on the beach in 1936 is captured and preserved by the photographs. I decided to bring these embalmed moments back to life, to recreate the unusual sense of the good life seen on the photographs in the present time. As well as the old photographs found from the flea market, my work captures the good life, snatching it from the flow of time, to be discovered and created again.